Project Participants

A Teaching American History Project of
the Oakland Unified School District

List of Participants - Cohort II
Participating teachers and their contact information are listed below
Name Grade School E-Mail Address
Edwards Kate 5 Toler Heights Elementary  
Haynes Ryan 5 Bella Vista Elementary  
Hurley Mary 5 Redwood Heights Elementary  
Hurwitz Nancy 5 Hawthorne Elementary  
McKenzie Magda 5 Woodland Elementary  
Oliverez Diane 5 Cox Elementary  
Todd Becca 5 Manzanita Elementary  
Zucker Mark 5 Foster Elementary  
Griffin Betty Jo Wrigkt 5 Webster Elementary  
Diebolt Walker 8 Frick Middle  
Jay Jean 8 Claremont Middle  
McCarthy Kate 8 Elmhurst Middle  
Rustig Jean Lib. Havenscourt Middle  
Wadley Linda 8 Roosevelt Middle  
Harper Carolyn 11 Oakland Tech High  
Herman Jack 11 Castlemont High  
Moreno Steven 11 Oakland High  
Reeves Yotunda 11 McClymonds  
Walfoort Mary Lib. Skyline High