Dear Friends of the UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project,

I am writing to let you know of two exciting institutes our project is offering this summer for 4th-12th grade teachers!

We are eager to announce our summer content institute, "Religion and Politics in American and World History" which will take place on July 10-14, 2006. Religious beliefs have shaped political systems throughout history. We will explore evocative questions such as: How did Confucian beliefs impact the social and political order of China? How has the Catholic Church influenced western thought and government? Does Islam impede the development of democracy? Was Protestantism a prerequisite for capitalism? What of fundamentalism- are we presently in danger of the emergence of new kinds of political totalitarianism? Why are we continuing to argue over the issue of separation of church and state in the United States (see flyer_religion.pdf for more information.)

Our second institute "Building Academic Literacy through History," is a six-day institute of discipline-specific literacy strategies designed to increase student reading, writing, and critical thinking skills while teaching the California Historical-Social Science Content Standards. This year‚s institute will be held on July 19-21 and 24-26, 2006. This is the fifth year our project has offered a history-social science literacy institute. Each year we‚ve added to our understanding of how to help all history students be better readers, writers, and thinkers. (see flyer_literacy.pdf for more information.)

Both institutes will be held in Dwinelle Hall, on the UC Berkeley campus. To view the informative flyers for either of these institutes, or to obtain an application, please visit:

If you have any questions about our summer institutes or other UCB H-SSP professional development opportunities, please contact us at 510-643-0897 or [email protected] We are available to design literacy-based history-social science professional development series for schools, districts, or counties.


Donna Leary Co director
UCB History-Social Science Project
Department of History, UC Berkeley
2407 Dwinelle Hall, MC #2550