"Women in the Workforce During World War II"
11th Grade Participating Teachers:

Jeff Durston (Skyline), Anya Gurholt (Skyline), Ron Pereira (Skyline),
Michael Jackson (Media Academy @ Fremont H.S.)


  1. It is widely recognized that women were an important part of the workforce during World War II. With so many American men involved in the war abroad, there was an extreme shortage of workers at home and women stepped in the fill those positions. But what kinds of jobs did these women perform? Did the images put out by the government during that time truly accurately display the diversity of the female experience in the workforce? It is important for students to answer the questions in order to broaden their understanding of the female experience during this time period as well as the overall perceptions and misconceptions of women’s contribution to the war effort and domestic economy.

  2. Student question: 
    What can we learn from these documents about women’s experiences during WWII? How accurate were the images of women in reflecting the variety of jobs women had and the variety of roles women played?

  3. Teacher inquiry question:
    How do students use documents to articulate the complexity of women’s roles during WWII? To what extent can students synthesize content that reveals the complexity of women’s work during WWII?