"Women in the Workforce During World War II"


  1. Put poster of Rosie the Riveter on the board and ask the students the following questions; Who do you think put out this image? Why did they put out this image? What observations can you make about the women in this poster? As students generate observations, ask leading questions to help students deepen their analysis of the poster. (10 minutes)

  2. Pass out the handout and read the two paragraphs at the top. Take questions and explain the phrase “accurately display the diversity of the female experience in the workforce.” (5 minutes)

  3. Pass out the images of different women in the workforce. Have students fill in the chart on the handout and walk around giving individual help and probing questions to students. (20 minutes)

  4. Read questions on the back of the handout and take questions. Explain the terms “empowering” and “disempowering.” If it helps, ask the question, “How would women have reacted to this image during this time period? Imagine you are one of these women and you come upon this Rosie the Riveter image in a public place. How would you have felt? (10 minutes)

  5. Explain homework assignment. Students write a short essay in response to the student question using evidence from the images, the textbook, and any other background knowledge that they have from their study of American history. (5 minutes)