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What is Lesson Study?
Connecting professional development and classroom practice.

As part of their Teaching American History grants, Oakland teachers of history have collaborated on lesson planning and evaluation using "lesson study". This section contains background information and other resources relating to this part of the grant.

The use of lesson study in our current grant's professional development program is guided by what we learned, about challenges and possibilities, in our previous grant. You can read more about lesson study in the context of our previous grant in this article "Lesson Study" and the Teaching of American History: Connecting Professional Development and Classroom Practice Social Studies Review, Spring 2005 by Stan Pesick.

Lesson Study is a structured process in which a group of teachers identify an instruction problem, plan a lesson using primary resources, teach the lesson (one member of the group teaches the lesson while the others observe), evaluate and revise the lesson and share the results with other teachers.

By collaboration and an emphasis on lesson revision, the insights of several teachers are brought to bear on the problems of effectively teaching challenging historical concepts Lesson Study methodology is widely used in Japan and has been credited for the shift from ?teaching as telling? to ?teaching for understanding? in Japanese mathematics and science classrooms.

For more information on Lesson Study see the article by Catherine Lewis, " What are the Essential Elements of Lesson Study?" The California Science Project Connection. Volume 2, No. 6. November/December 2002.)