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OUSD Teaching American History Grant II
July 1, 2005

"Abraham Lincoln, America's Racial Dilemma
& the Power of Politics"
Kevin Adams, Department of History
University of California, Berkeley

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Suggest a resource

  • Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress

  • American Experience | The Time of the Lincolns | PBS

  • The Lincoln Institute: The organization studies the president's impact on the American political system. Features include interactive maps and several web publications.

  • The History Place Presents Abraham Lincoln: Timeline of Lincoln's life from his birth in 1809 to his assassination in 1865. The site features links to photographs, manuscripts and speeches.

  • Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitization Project: presents historical materials from Abraham Lincoln's Illinois years (1830-1861), including Lincoln's writings and speeches,

  • American Presidents: Life Portraits > Abraham Lincoln A Site to Complement C-SPAN's 20th Anniversary television series, American Presidents: Life Portraits, March-December 1999 , The web site, created for the television series, contains a complete video archive of all American Presidents. http://www.americanpresidents.org/

  • The Gettysburg Address | Library of Congress Exhibit

  • The American Presidency includes articles from four Grolier encyclopedias, suited to different reading levels. http://ap.grolier.com/browse?type=profiles#pres

Read more about Abraham Lincoln in July 4, 2005 issue of Time Magazine online