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OUSD Teaching American History Grant III
December 1, 2009

"Reinterpreting the US-Mexican War"
Dr. Brian DeLay
Associate Professor
University of California, Berkeley

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Brian DeLay link Assistant Professor of History, University of California, Berkeley, is the author of War of a Thousand Deserts: Indian Raids and the U.S.-Mexican War (2008). His research concentrates on connections between independent native peoples and the interlocked histories of American nation states.

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Links supporting Brian DeLay's Presentation

? Article: "Independent Indians and the U.S.-Mexican War", article by Brian DeLay in American Historical Review 112 (Feb., 2007), 35-68.

? Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo; February 2, 1848 - full text, including Article XI referred to in the lecture.

? Teaching With Documents: The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo