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OUSD Teaching American History Grant III
April 15, 2010

"Fighting for Liberty:
Soldiers of the Continental Army?

Carolyn Cox, University of the Pacific

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Web Links
* Links active as of April 2010

  • Video clip: Barry Lyndon - First Taste of Battle
    scene of battle formations

  • Video clip: Scenes of "running the gauntlet" and Prussians defending village from Barry Lyndon
    (3:47 minutes into the clip)

  • Video clip: Sharpe's Rifles, Season 1, Episode 2, 1993
    Sharpe's eagle part 4, (4:17 minutes into the clip)
    scene of teaching British recruits how to load and fire their rifles

  • Video clip: The Patriot, 2000, Scene 25, Battle of Cowpens
    scene of 18th century battle formations

  • Smoothbore musket - history of firearms

  • Rifling - history of firearms

Professor Caroline Cox demonstrates
the battle formation used by
both the Continental and British Armies