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OUSD Teaching American History Grant, Summer Institute, UC Berkeley
Berkeley, California, Tuesday, June 17, 2003

"Using Oral History in Teaching"
Richard Candida-Smith, Department of History
University of California, Berkeley

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Richard Candida-Smith link is Professor of History at University of California, Berkeley. Educated at UCLA, his publications include: Utopia and Dissent: Art, Poetry, and Politics in California (UC Press, 1995) and Mallarme's Children: Symbolism and the Renewal of Experience (UC Press, 1999) Professor Richard Candida-Smith is also Director of the Regional Oral History Project (ROHO), housed in the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley.

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  • Rosie Riveter and the World War II Homefront Experience
    For this project, ROHO staff interviewed Bay Area residents about their World War II experiences here at home. Many of the clips featured women from a range of economic and ethnic backgrounds discussing their attitudes toward education, the effect of the war on race relations,  and changing ideas about sexuality, religion and community.

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