• Teaching American History Grant Program - US Department of Education which includes:
    Abstracts of Funded Projects 2001 | Projects 2002 | Projects 2003 | Projects 2004

  • Teaching American History Resource Center - links to resources from the Organization of American Historians

  • Resources for those interested in applying for a TAH grant from the American Historical Association

  • Teaching American History.org - Mansfield City School District in partnership with the Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs at Ashland University, Ohio. This a a must see site which includes a library of primary sources documents, audio files of many guest speakers and a list of many other TAH grant websites.

  • The Nebraska Partnership for American History Education - one of 60 projects nationwide selected in October, 2001 provides an excellent online history resources library.

  • Engaging the American Past - TAH grant in Washington State with lecture handouts, a lively discussion board and other interesting resources

  • Teaching American History Professional Development School Network - Lincoln-Way High School District in Illinois. Site includes lesson plans and teachers' reactions to a number of the reading assignments.

  • The Dayton Ohio Teaching American History Project Dayton Public Schools' teachers are producing and disseminating instructional guides and lesson plans in pdf format for American history curriculum.

  • The Bozeman Montana Teaching American History Program: From the World of Lewis and Clark to the 'World of Tomorrow has many documents and other interesting resources

  • The Northeastern Wisconsin Teaching American History Program includes pdf files with full text lectures from 2003 Summer Seminars (see history teacher toolbox)

  • Teaching American History in South Carolina - website for South Carolina Teaching American History Project (SCTAHP)

  • Teaching American History in Maryland Program - University of Maryland