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OUSD Teaching American History Grant, In-Service, April 8, 2004
Oakland High School, Oakland, California

?Serra?s Invisible Allies: Baja California Indians ,
and the Settlement of California? , ,
Albert Lacson, University of California, Davis

Albert Lacson is graduate student of history at University of California, Davis.

* Links active as of April 2004

  • Harry Crosby, Antigua California: Mission and Colony on the Peninsula Frontier, 1697 - 1768
    information on this book from amazon.com | book review online

  • Father Johann Jakob Baegert, Observations in Lower California 1772, Translated from the Original German, with an Introduction and Notes, by M.M. Brandenburg and Carl L. Baumann. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1979 (read the text online - see URL below)
    http://ark.cdlib.org/ark:/13030/ft5r29n9xv/ | book review online

Other Web Resources
* Links active as of April 2004

  • Images of Baja California: Baja California, 1967-1992: Photographs by Harry Crosby including a map of missions founded by California Jesuits 1667- 1761

  • Ruta de las Misiones ; The Path of the Missions in Baja California (translated from Spanish)

  • The Spanish missions and visitas of Baja California web site with photographs of Spanish missions in Baja California.

  • The Missions of the California's and Beyond http://www.timsbaja.com/rjackson.html includes
    • Slide show of The Missions of Baja California, 1697-1849
    • Paper: The Baja California Missions: Patterns of Development in a Hostile Environment

  • "Reading Jesuit Sources for the ?Other?: Accommodation, Resistance and the Decline of Native Peoples in Eighteenth Century Baja" paper by Allison Fields, EX POST FACTO: Journal of History Students at SFSU, 2001

  • "Baja California Field Hands and the Origins of Farm Labor Importation in California Agriculture, 1769-1790" paper byRichard Steven Street in California History 75 (Winter 1996/97): 306-321