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OUSD K-12 History / Social Studies Standards
Sample Question: What caused the Depression and what were
its effects on the American people and the role of government?

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Historical Thinking Standard
Assignments / Activities
To show evidence of standards, students might:

Chronological/ Spatial Thinking

" Location

" Sequencing


" Draw a map to locate the Dust Bowl and routes taken to California

" Create a timeline that shows events leading to the Great Depression, the election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and the subsequent New Deal legislation.

Examining Evidence

" Examining primary sources (such as photos, artifacts, and documents)

" Relationship between primary sources and historical/ geographical context

" Author's intentions / perspective

" Read oral histories from Stud Terkel's Hard Times on the Great Depression.

" Write captions or news stories to go with textless photographs of Dorothea Lange, Margaret Bourke-White, and Walker Evans.

" Examine charts, graphs, and tables that show rising unemployment, GNP, etc. and write text to accompany these charts.

Diversity / Multiple Perspectives

" Influences (such as location, race, gender, class, age, sexual orientation)

" Empathy

" Explore views of patriotism by writing a learning log. Share the log with others in the class.

" Read speeches of political leaders such as Lloyd George and Teddy Roosevelt and compare their ideas to the film Gallipoli.


" Constructing historical accounts

" Comparing historical accounts

" Moral judgment

" Using evidence such as maps, statistics, posters, speeches, and literature, write a one-page analysis of the role nationalism played in World War I and its outcome.

Determining Historical /
Geographical Significance

" Connect past and present

" Causation

" Evaluation

" Location

" Listen to a lecture on issues of nationalism in the world today and of the struggle of some people to form nations.

" Write an opinion piece answering the question," Is nationalism a good thing?", drawing upon their knowledge of World War I and current issues.