OUSD K-12 History / Social Studies Standards

Grade 12 Topics | Grade 12 : OUSD Sample Assignments |  Grade 12 OUSD Model Unit

Spatial / Chronological Thinking

" Read a newspaper article and underline the sources of information. See if these sources are attributable to an individual or if they are vague (e.g. "a high government official").

" Examine statistics on voter registration.

" Examine political ads to find common components (e.g., short, dramatic, etc.).

" Track five common economic indicators over month's period.

v Follow a stock over a month's period.

" Analyze ads to see what audiences are targeted by the producers of the product.

" Collect newspaper articles on the disparity of income distribution as it affects health and education.

" Read accounts of Pul]man Porters to see how unions organize.


Examining Evidence

" Debate any bill pending in Congress from different political perspectives.

" Investigate a variety of interest groups' opinions on welfare reform and write a position paper stating your own view.

" Hold a Congressional hearing on NAFTA or most-favored-nation status and represent different points of view at the hearing.

" Simulate a labor negotiation.

" Stage a debate between Karl Marx and Adam Smith on the topic, "Is Profit a Good Idea?

" Read newspaper accounts and speeches of both sides of the bilingual education debate.

" Study pro/con ballot arguments on Indian casino gambling.

" Debate whether the Constitution should be changed to give the President the power to declare war.


Diversity : Multiple Perspectives

" Read a court opinion and decide if it is an example of judicial activism or judicial restraint.

" Read a court case on the 14th Amendment and write your own interpretation of the Constitution in regard to the case.

" Act out the role of a City Council member and make a decision on requests for. permits in your city (for example, a request for a Nazi demonstration or a request for a rock concert late at night). Justify your decision on the basis of the 1st Amendment.

" Put former President Nixon or Johnson on trial for abuse of executive power.

" Look at a series of graphs and charts of socioeconomic indicators (health care, education, unemployment, cost of housing, per-capita income) and write an interpretation of what these statistics mean for a family of four.


Historical Interpretation

" Write an essay on the meaning and significance of "equal protection under the law".

" Explain how Brown v.. Board of Education impacted American society.

" Write an essay stating which President between 1932 and today had the greatest impact on the United States

" Have a roundtable discussion answering the. question, "How significant are political parties today?"

" Read three accounts of an economic event (e.g., the Great Depression) and compare similarities and differences.

" Research the ruling on Lau v. Nichols and write an essay discussing its impact American education.

" Do research on the political and economic impact of the changing population of California between 1975 and today.


Determining Historical/ Geographical Significance

" Develop a plan to increase voter registration.

" Volunteer for a local candidate.

" Participate in a mock trial, a moot court or a "We the people" competition.

" Learn how to fill out a voter registration form.

" Track an issue in the media and make a class presentation.

" Write a letter to your Congresswoman.

" Attend a school board meeting.

" Volunteer with a community agency to improve literacy in Oakland.

" Write a personal response to president Kennedy's statement," Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."