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Year Author & Title of Document Source on the Internet
1900 Theodore Roosevelt
The Strenuous Life

US Historical Documents Archives (USHDA) > Nonfiction

1905 The Niagara Movement's Declaration of Principles
1920s Remembering Slavery Smithsonian Institution
1930's New Deal Document Library
1939-1945 African American Odyssey - World War II
1945-1953 The Truman Administration & the Desegregation of the Armed Forces Truman Presidential Museum & Library
1954 Brown vs Board of Education Supreme Court decision
from Defining Freedom in the Supreme Court (PBS online)

1956 Speech by Branch Rickey for the "One Hundred Percent Wrong Club" banquet, Atlanta, Georgia,
1961 Eisenhower's Farewell Address Modern History Sourcebook
1962 Port Huron Statement of the Students for a Democratic Society
Resources/Primary /Manifestos/SDS_Port_Huron.html
from the Sixties Project
1963 Martin Luther King, Jr. "I have a dream" History and Politics Out Loud
1964 Fanny Lou Hamer's speech to the Democratic National Convention
pauleyg/voices/fhamer.htm from the Voices of Freedom site, a web archive of unknown speeches from the Civil Rights movement, hosted by Calvin College
1964 The Tonkin Gulf Incident - President Johnson's Message to Congress
2002 The National Security Strategy of the United States of America
2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution