Can you consider an historical figure as a hero if that person has beliefs with which you disagree?


  • Students will analyze the divergent paths of the American people from 1800 to the mid-1800s and the challenges they faced, with emphasis on the Northeast [State of California standard 8.6].

  • Students will understand the reform age of the mid-1800s that made life more bearable for the less fortunate and expanded opportunities for many [OUSD California History Social Science Framework].

  • Students will understand that the present is connected to the past. They identify both similarity (continuity) and difference (change) between past and present (i.e., compare a historical photograph of a street scene with the same street today). [OUSD Chronological/Spatial Thinking standard 6]

  • Students frame questions that can be answered by historical study and research [California Historical and Social Science Analysis Skills].

  • Students assess the credibility of primary and secondary sources and draw sound conclusions from them [California Historical and Social Science Analysis Skills].

  • Students detect the different historical points of view on historical events and determine the context in which the historical statements were made (the questions asked, sources used, author’s perspectives) [California Historical and Social Science Analysis Skills].